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Contacto ARISS

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Asunto: 08ene2018 12:27-LU Contacto ARISS, escuche a los astronautas


El martes 8-enero 12:27-LU, se podra escuchar en 145.800 KHz a astronautas a bordo de la ISS.
Sera un telebridge (puente) ARISS que realizara LU8YY/Q, Luis Funes, desde Santa Rosa de Conlara, San Luis.
En la ISS operara el astronauta David St-Jacques, KG5FYI, usando licencia NA1SS.
En tierra alumno/as de la escuela Pembroke Junior Senior High School de Corfu, Nueva York, USA.
Las preguntas previstas, de las cuales se escuchara la respuesta en 145.800 son:

1. Alivia (14): Did you always know that you wanted to become an astronaut?
2. Samantha (13): What do you do for fun while you are in space?
3. Isla (12): What items did you bring with you to space?
4. Michael F. (13): What food do you miss the most?
5. Mya (13): What does it feel like to exit the atmosphere?
6. Alyssa (18): How do you know if it is day or night on the ISS?
7. Evelyn (14): What surprised you the most when you arrived at the space station, or has it been just as you expected?
8. Peter (14): To help us understand the size of the space station, can you compare it to the size of something on Earth?
9. Henry (14): Do you follow Eastern Standard Time in space?
10. Arianna (13): What is the most difficult everyday activity or task to complete in space?
11. Nathanael (13): How do you clean up spills and messes in space?
12. Heather (14): Does the space station help to predict weather?
13. Seth (14): How do you prepare for the lack of gravity that you experience in space?
14. Molly (13): Which do you enjoy more, being in space or on Earth?
15. Michael G. (12): Do you celebrate Christmas or other holidays on the space station?
16. Amelia (14): How do you maintain your water supply in space?
17. Alivia (14): Can you spot specific constellations from space?
18. Samantha (13): How would you take care of an open wound in space?
19. Isla (12): What equipment do you use to contact your family?
20. Michael F. (13): How do you exercise in space?
21. Mya (13): What is your favorite part about being on the ISS?
22. Alyssa (18): What do you believe is the future for manned spaceflight?
23. Evelyn (14): Who inspired you to become an astronaut?
24. Henry (14): How does a flame act in space?
25. Arianna (13): What is the coolest thing you have seen on Earth from space?

AMSAT Agradece a Luis, su dedicacion y esfuerzo para llevar adelante este contacto.

De escuchar y de grabar puede compartirlo en

Agradecemos, de ser posible, la difusion de esta informacion.

73, LU7AA, AMSAT Argentina

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