lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2015

Bugsat, Tita

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martes, 24 de noviembre de 2015


JE9PEL ( into English all the digitalker that LU4EOU has
received in 31 May 2014, as shown below.

Hello Hello Hello,

This is JQ1ZJQ, Juliett Quebec One Zulu Juliett Quebec.
I am Nano Satellite SPROUT, Sierra Papa Romeo Oscar Uniform Tango.
Ours made by Nihon University Student in Japan.
The center frequency of downlink is 437.525 MHz and 437.600 MHz.

If you input the next code at my web site, you can get a special
verification card.
The web site address is
and the code is [       ] (hidden by JE9PEL)

I hope for one of peace. 
Sekai no minasan Konnitiwa. --- Hello to everyone in the world.

  1. Konnichiwa      ...  Japanese
  2. Hello           ...  English
  3. Bonjour         ...  French
  4. Guten tag       ...  German
  5. Buon giorno     ...  Italian
  6. Buenas tardes   ...  Spanish
  7. Boa tarde       ...  Portuguese
  8. Dobry den       ...  Czech
  9. Namaste         ...  Hindi
 10. Nihao           ...  Chinese
 11. Annyeonghaseyo  ...  Korean
 12. Seen chaw       ...  Vietnamese
 13. Sawatdee kah    ...  Thai

私は日本大学超小型人工衛星 SPROUT です。SPROUT という名前には、「若者・
芽を出す・急速に成長する」 といった意味があります。これまでに培ってきた

I am the nano satellite SPROUT of Nihon University. The SPROUT means
"bud", "posterity", "young person", "put forth buds" and "grow rapidly"
in Japanese.  We have started development the SPROUT as second satellite
project following the SEEDS since 2005 in winter. Get started development,
we named the satellite "SPROUT". We have done a meaning to the name that
we inherit the technology which gained by development of the SEEDS,
and attempts to acquire and establish the technology of their own, such
as lead to the space exploration in the future to leap it.  The SPROUT
is going to deploy the inflatable tubes and the equilateral triangle
(one side is about 1500[mm]) membrane by injecting N2 gas to the tubes.
The inflatable membrane structure is expected to building next era of
the space craft technology such as the Photovoltaic Power Satellite or
the Solar Sail.
Many thanks, Domo arigato, Gracias Mr. Mineo Wakita JE9PEL

jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2015

Bugsat, Tita

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